Trump Wakes From Mueller Nightmare, Jumps On Twitter For AM Explosion


Donald Trump claims that he does not watch MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Yet three minutes after the co-hosts commented on how lazy the commander-in-chief is, he fired back a tweet — proving that he does indeed spend his days lounging in his White House private quarters. Then, he tweeted the word “crazy” which may have been a big give-away to his inner thinking.

The man currently sitting in the Oval Office, at least occasionally, attacked the Democrats fiercely. He claimed that they were the party of “criminal aliens.” Chances are he was not referring to space ships in his morning tweets, just being especially racist:

‘The Democrats do not want us to detain, or send back, criminal aliens! This is a brand new demand. Crazy!’

The president has been very sensitive about leaks telling how much time he spends on the phone, writing tweets, and watching television. However, he has not found it in himself to change that reality. No, he just wants people to move over to his reality, which is warped:

‘No president ever worked harder than me (cleaning up the mess I inherited)!’

At the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) national convention in Kansas City last summer, Trump appeared. He told the sparse audience that they should not believe what they saw and heard. Instead, they just believe what POTUS tells them. Trump has attacked the media. He told his followers that even the fact checkers of his plentiful lies have “become fake news:”

‘“Fact checkers have become Fake News.” @JesseBWatters So True!’

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorites below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.