Trump Private Info Leaked Out Of Spite & Donald Looks Really Dumb


The president currently in the White House once promised that, as president, he wouldn’t ever have time for golfing or vacations. He’d be too busy fixing “the mess” that our government officials were not smart enough to figure out. Of course, that hasn’t happened. Trump has spent more than 25 percent of his time as president at a golf course or Trump-owned resort property.

Two weeks ago, a schedule from a day in the life of Donald Trump was leaked to the media. It showed that Trump spends the majority of his working day in “executive time.” It took 14 whole days for Trump to respond, but on Twitter, he finally did.

Later on Sunday, Axios released a recent week’s worth of daily schedules for Trump. They showed that “executive time” falls during the hours Trump is most often tweeting responses to Fox News stories. For instance, 8:00 am to 11:00 am EST is all “executive time.” A quick glance at Trump’s Twitter feed shows that this is when the majority of his tweets are issued, and most correlate with a Fox News story that was being aired at the time.

Image via Axios

The schedule showed that Trump has “executive time” between every meeting, no matter how brief. One of his longest commitments on any given day is lunchtime.

Former White House officials say that it is not an “easy thing to do” to get ahold of a presidential daily schedule. In fact, a schedule being leaked is a big enough deal that the current White House is spending time and man-hours to hunt down the leaker. Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney appeared on Fox News to announce the good news that he hopes to have cornered the culprit this week. The entire country breathed a sigh of relief at this massive undertaking so vital to our country’s survival.

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