Trump Just Humiliated Himself At The G7 Summit With Psycho Obama Rant Like A Sissy


Donald Trump never fails to embarrass the country while traveling overseas to represent the American people. In his first press conference in nearly 16 months as president, he rambled, insulted, and lied in true Trump fashion.

There is literally nothing Trump won’t blame Obama for. Apparently, when a foreign country commits an illegal act, Obama was supposed to stop them, although Trump has also excoriated his predecessor for taking action in places like Libya, insisting that the region was destabilized by the decision to interfere.

It’s even more disturbing that Trump blames Obama for a crime Russian President Vladimir Putin committed but advocates for relieving the sanctions for that illegal act. The president is currently meeting with six of the United States’ closest allies blaming his predecessor for a decision all six of them agreed should be done.

The New York Times explained the reasons for the G7’s animosity toward Russia following the annexation of Crimea and the human rights abuses that happened there.

‘Russia has committed “multiple and grave” human rights abuses in Crimea since reclaiming the territory three years ago, the United Nations said on Monday, including arbitrary arrests, torture and the imposition of Russian citizenship on residents of the former Ukrainian region.

‘United Nations investigators have documented evidence of arbitrary detentions, torture and abductions since Russian troops annexed the Crimean Peninsula, according to a report presented in Geneva on Monday and linking abuses to the Federal Security Service, Russian police officers and a paramilitary group.’

Not only has Trump sided with Putin over our long-time allied countries, it seems fairly obvious why that would be. Not only did the hostile foreign power work to help Trump get elected, the crimes for which they have been sanctioned are not crimes with which Trump disagrees. He’s openly advocated for torture, rants about jailing members of the press, and detains not only refugees at the southern border but their children, as well.

The humiliation of being an American citizen is painful under Trump, but comments like these are becoming downright terrifying.

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg