Trump Ponders Investigation Of Barack Obama In Bizarre String Of Morning Tweets


The president has not proven himself to be particularly adept when it comes to issues of foreign policy. He’s struggled to the point of having, through his rhetoric, given the North Koreans an excuse to develop their military strength to the point of being able to allegedly attack the entire United States with a nuclear weapon.

None of this is going to stop the president, however, from engaging in one of his favorite pastimes — criticizing our most recent former president, Barack Obama.

Trump has long been critical of one of the major foreign policy accomplishments of the Obama administration, the Iran Nuclear Deal. It’s been among the deals involving the U.S. that have come under routine fire from the belligerent commander-in-chief, with him having used conventionally grandiose language at times and called it one of the worst deals he’s ever seen.

On Sunday, he hit Obama over one particular point associated with the deal and its execution — the delivery of some $1.7 billion to the Iranians in 2016.

That money was legally due to the Iranians; we simply never got around to paying it in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution of 1979, which ended with the current regime in power.

Even still, the president evidently thinks there should have been an investigation of the payment, since apparently that’s his answer to every political issue — launch an investigation.

He wrote:

‘Never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send $1.7 Billion Dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI or Justice called for an investigation!’

Let’s think for a minute. If the entirety of the United States government is on one side of an issue and President Trump is on the other side, who do you think is in the right? The president has not proven himself to be competent on any issues of foreign policy; besides the North Korea issue, he’s also refused to address Russian aggression as expressed in their election meddling.

Concurrently, Trump had the power to turn the Russian election meddling scandal — which has, of course, long roped in his team — into less biting of a scandal than it’s turned out to be. However, he’s opted to freak out to the point of prompting credible allegations of obstruction of justice against him, so that ship — along with his credibility on any issue of foreign policy — sailed.

Besides, this is the guy who has been documented to have lied literally thousands of times since taking office.

In the face of that, he wants us to take his word for it over that of literally the entire United States government? Really?

In the face of these mounting and credible undercuts to his credibility, the president has taken concrete steps against the Iran Nuclear Deal, having claimed earlier this year that he’s going to withdraw the U.S. from it — something that may entail the re-imposing of sanctions — unless it’s renegotiated to be more in the interest of Trump’s vision for the United States.

There’s no real sign that the president will get his wish, putting the future of the deal in jeopardy.

Featured Image via AFP/ Getty Images