BREAKING: Shooting At NSA Headquarters After SUV Crashes Through Barricade


A man driving an SUV crashed through a security barricade at the NSA headquarters Wednesday morning, leading to an incident of complete chaos that eventually led to the shooting of at least one person.

According to The Guardian:

“An image taken from a WRC-TV helicopter shows a police and fire department response outside one of the facility’s secure vehicle entry gates. WRC said bullet holes could be seen in the vehicle’s front window, and several air bags were deployed.”

It is yet unknown if the person shot was the man driving the SUV.

NSA garrison spokeswoman Cheryl Phillips released the following statement on the incident:

“There’s no ongoing security or safety threat.”

Baltimore Police have been informed and are responding to the scene. The president has also been briefed on the situation and may or may not be unleashing a Twitter rant as soon as he finds out the race of the suspect.

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