Trump Woke Up Extra Weird, Got Online, & Tweeted Like A Whiny 8-Year Old Infant


Trump made a lot of exorbitant promises during his presidential campaign. There were mentions of a border wall that Mexico would pay for. He casually mentioned in the middle of his campaign that he would make sure everyone had healthcare. He was going to fix infrastructure and “make America great again.” Not only has he failed to hold to any of those promises, he’s made complete reversals on every one of them.

His infrastructure plan is not really an infrastructure plan and has not received “great reviews” like it’s some critically-acclaimed movie or popular reality television show. His “plan” is to pay for infrastructure spending by cutting the budgets of departments responsible for infrastructure building. Slate reports that:

‘The plan depends on shifting the money from other parts of the government—including the departments charged with funding transportation and water projects. In Trump’s budget, which was also released today, the discretionary budget for the Department of Transportation falls by $3.7 billion; the EPA’s is cut by $2.8 billion. More broadly, the Center for American Progress says it has counted $281 billion in infrastructure cuts in the budget—making the two proposals a net negative for infrastructure spending.’

The biggest cuts, however, that will fund his infrastructure plan – along with tax cuts for the wealthy – are cuts to programs that most benefit the poor, elderly, disabled, and children, which means Trump has effectively killed yet another campaign promise.

Why would Trump have made such a promise? That would be because the five states that rely the heaviest on federal aid are all red states: Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Montana. Trump’s new proposed budget will hurt the people in those states the worst, but he needed their vote, so he waited until now to screw them over.

Just another failed promise from Trump, whose policies are never bad, it’s just that Democrats are obstructionists. Just like the vast majority of Democrats would vote for a clean DACA bill today, but they’re the ones holding DACA recipients hostage to spite Trump.

Is anyone still believing this nonsense?

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla