Trump Suffers Massive Humiliation During Winter Olympics LIVE In Front Of The Entire World


The Dutch have skated their canals as a way to get from one place to another for decades. In the Olympics, they have been wiping up the speed skating competition, which was good, but their jab at Donald Trump was even better.

People expected the skaters from The Netherlands to do well. The Dutch came through. Three of of their skaters took first, second, and third place in the 3,000-meter speed skating event. Yahoo Sports reported:

‘Carlijn Achtereekte taking gold, Ireen Wust winning silver and Antoinette De Jong nabbing bronze.’

Achtereekte beat her country mate, Wust, who had taken the gold twice at previous Olympics events. De Jong’s win was amazing, too. Yet, there was one Dutch fan who took “FIRST” to a whole other level.

The speedskating fans unfurled a big message to Donald Trump from the top of the skating arena:

‘Sorry Mr. President,” read the message written on the Dutch flag. The Netherlands FIRST … and second and third!’

It seems that the message the U.S. president has been trumpeting on- and off-shore touched nerves abroad. His “America First” policy is arrogant at best.

The International Olympic Committee forbids political statements, so we do not know what happened to these flag-bearing fans. Formerly, officials admonished fans who broke this rule to a lesser extent.

Dutch political cartoonist, Marc-Jan Janssen, had fun with Trump and the Olympians:

The Netherlands has already been forecasting De Jong, 22, will go on to greater things. She took the bronze in her very first event. According to Reuters, De Jong said:

‘I loved it. I skated a good race, but the others are really good and I‘m happy with the Dutch sweep.’

Achtereekte was already anticipating how she would celebrate her Olympic 3,000 meter speed skating win, in a most American manner, Reuters reported:

‘It’s incredible that three of the girls ended on the podium. Everyday my roommate (speed skater Marrit Leenstra) has been making jokes about the McFlurry of McDonald’s because I like it so much. You can’t eat it before your competition but I said to her if I skate good then I‘m going to eat a McFlurry.’

The Dutch won so many of the Olympic medals in the last events four years ago, the International Skating Union (ISU) changed to rules of this sport. The Netherlands won 23 of the 36 medals in the Sochi Olympics.

Featured Image via Getty Images.