BREAKING: Federal Judge Makes Dramatic Tuesday Rebuke Of Trump; Blocks DACA Repeal


Amongst the array of divisive and discriminatory agenda issues that President Trump has tried to implement in his first year in office, perhaps none other has he remained more stubborn about than that of immigration policy. Campaigning heavily on the notion that ousting illegal immigrants and reducing immigration patterns would decrease criminal activity and increase prosperity in the country, Trump has been unwilling to budge on his illogical proposals.

One immigration reform that has become an obsession for Trump, is that of repealing and ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which provides children of undocumented immigrants the opportunity to stay in the country. As the president has made every attempt to terminate the program, lawmakers and judicial officials have fought back against the unjustified action.

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On Tuesday, a second federal judge blocked the administration from being able to end DACA while the case for the program remains open in the courts system. According to a CNN report,

‘Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis of the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York ruled that DACA participants and states are likely to succeed in their challenge that the way President Donald Trump terminated the Obama-era program was arbitrary and capricious.’

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Garaufis’s injunction against Trump’s ending of DACA is the second in two months, the first of which was put forth by a California judge just a month ago. The combination of the two rulings provides DACA recipients the opportunity to renew their status while the administration continues legal battles to end the program, but does not apply to those who had not previously applied.

With DACA and immigration policy becoming an even more contentious issue between Democrats and Republicans, Tuesday’s ruling has shed light on the increasing number of citizens and public officials that oppose Trump’s termination of the program, claiming that his decision was both immoral and unlawful.

Given Trump’s consistent anti-Latino rhetoric, egregious attacks on immigrants from impoverished nations, and his initially radical Muslim ban proposal, the trends that have developed begin to show clearly that Trump’s intention has little to do with the interests of the nation, but rather his personal biases and racially-insensitive beliefs.

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