Trump’s New Budget Would Deal Devastating Blow To Food Stamp Recipients (DETAILS)


If you have a problem with the idea that the taxes we pay ensures that no one starves to death in the wealthiest country in the world, can we stop pretending you’re a good person?

Bloomberg reported on Monday that:

‘In what would be one of the biggest shakeups of the U.S. food-stamp program in its five-decade history, President Donald Trump is proposing to slash cash payments and substitute them with “100 percent American grown food” given to recipients.

‘The changes, outlined Monday in Trump’s budget proposal, would reshape the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which supports roughly one in eight Americans, by reducing cash spending by about one-third from current levels.’

Instead of allowing poor people who qualify for food stamps to choose their own food – poor people are clearly not smart enough to know that the $12.00 per pound salmon is healthier than the $2.50 per pound ground beef, and most of them just trade their food stamps for drugs and let their kids starve to death, anyway – Trump’s new budget proposed slashing food stamp benefits by handing out government-issued food rations (like Russia and Germany used to). These food rations, unlike the caviar and sushi and fancy cheeses that the poor lie around and eat while the hard-working white folks are stuck with McDonald’s and Little Debbie Cakes, will be all “100% American-grown.”

The plan slashes $214 billion in aid to families, children, the disabled, veterans, and the elderly, which should take a tremendous chunk out of that $1.4 trillion dollar deficit Trump’s going to run up with his tax plan, which gives the rich massive tax breaks.

Helping the one percent and screwing over the remaining 99 percent was exactly what the Trumpsters were promised during the 2016 presidential campaigns, right?

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla