Trump Makes Mockery Of Opioid Victim In Exploitative ‘Fox’-Induced Monday AM Tweet


During another morning of hard work watching Fox & Friends while tweeting, the president made some announcements to the American people. Along with promises to fix some of the country’s biggest problems, he threw in another insult for his predecessors and a plug for Fox News.

By identifying two of the nation’s top priorities in infrastructure and the opioid crisis, Trump speaks to the concerns of a massive number of Americans. By throwing in insults and mentions of Fox News, he also alienated vast numbers of them. It is difficult to trust that a president who cannot control his baser, bullying nature and his penchant for the most unreliable news sources simply because they’re complimentary to him to solve some of the country’s, and the world’s, most pressing issues.

Trump complains about the money spent on wars in the Middle East – a war started by a Republican president who became the first to do so without raising taxes and, instead, offering massive tax cuts to the wealthy – but continues to lie about whether or not he supported that war. He’s complained about the national deficit and blamed President Obama for it without ever acknowledging what the deficit was and what its trajectory was when Obama took office and how much worse it will become thanks to Trump’s crowning achievement, a tax plan that will add another $1.4 trillion. It is difficult to trust a president who cannot bring himself to tell the truth, ever.

When it is difficult to trust a president, a national healthcare crisis like opioid addiction becomes even more frightening. Trump has appointed a woman, Kellyanne Conway, with absolutely no experience in healthcare, drug addiction treatment, or anything other than how to take polls to address the problem. His attorney general continues to ignore scientific and medical research about opioid addiction and marijuana law reform. The problem continues to grow but we have a clueless president who appoints clueless people to handle a crisis that has affected far too many families in a deep, personal way.

This is not conducive to making the American people feel better about the direction the country is taking. Trump will never understand that. He’ll continue to insist that it’s the fake news media driving his poll numbers down without ever taking responsibility for his own words and actions.

Twitter had their own thoughts on the matter. See some of their best responses below.

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