Trump Jr. & Ivanka Politicize ‘White Powder’ Incident On Twitter Like Total Fame-Whores


In a scare Monday morning for the Trump family, Donald Trump Jr.’s wife, Vanessa Trump, was rushed to the hospital after having opened a letter, addressed to her husband, which contained an unknown white powder inside it. The powder was later found to be a non-hazardous substance. Although no initial harm to Vanessa Trump’s health incurred, she and two others who were exposed to the letter and the enclosed substance were rushed to the hospital due to safety and cautionary concerns.

After having been taken to the hospital, a hazmat crew arrived on the scene in order to analyze and determine what the white powder substance was, and the toxicity level, which was found to be non-harmful in their decontamination procedure.

Trump Jr. sent out a tweet blaming opposing views for being the reason for the scare Monday morning, alluding to the many enemies his father’s administration has made in their first year in office.

Despite the fact that no individual or intent has yet to be identified in the sending of the letter, the frightening moment evidently caught the eldest Trump son by surprise. An investigation by the New York City Police Department and Secret Service is currently underway, in order to identify the person involved and their reasoning in sending the unknown white powder substance to the Trump residence.

Sister of Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, similarly sent out a Twitter post on Monday claiming that no individual should have to undergo the frightening actions that Vanessa Trump and two others were exposed to, sending Trump Jr.’s wife support and well wishes.

Reactions to Trump Jr.’s tweet were of a mixed nature by other users of the social media platform.

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