Omarosa Dishes Domestic Violence & The W.H. On ‘Big Brother’ Like A Total Traitor


Donald Trump made another wicked enemy when he reportedly had Omarosa Manigault-Newman dragged out of the White House. Unfortunately, she has appeared on another reality television show, and her comments were damning.

The former Apprentice star and Trump political aide made her appearance on the new CBS show, Celebrity Big Brother, hosted by The Talk’s Julie Chen. The show:

‘Follows a group of celebrities living together in a house outfitted with 87 HD cameras and more than 100 microphones, recording their every move 24 hours a day. Each week, someone will be voted out of the house, with the last remaining house guest receiving a grand prize.’

Manigault-Newman told the world via Big Brother that a remarkable number of people who applied to work at the White House were found to have “a history of domestic violence and other crimes.” The reality show star spoke after the former White House staff secretary, Rob Porter, resigned amid allegations of spousal abuse against two ex-wives.

‘Marissa [Jaret Winokur] to Ross [Mathews] (3:20 AM)- This is hilarious that you and I knocked out those people. Omarosa had everything to lose. I didn’t. I mean, I put her in the hospital. She is going to be okay

Amarosa left the White House February 7, and since then, she has been out of sight and sound.  Yet, on Big Brother, she openly discussed how she worked in two presidents’ administrations, Clinton and Trump.

Manigault-Newman said that when she worked in the Clinton White House, her job was to staff thousands of political appointees, which included having the FBI vet them:

‘Everybody goes, “No, I’ve done nothing.” And you’re FBI counterpart comes and says “He had a DUI.” And then you set back down with him and say, “Why didn’t you just tell me about about the DUI?” (And he replies) “Oh, I had it expunged.”‘

Then, she commented about how the people she placed broke the law, before they applied. She said, “They lie.” It is a federal crime to lie to the FBI:

‘Some of the bizarre things that people have. They lie. Everybody lies. They lie about everything on their background, thinking it won’t be found. And then you get the folder [from the FBI].’

One of the celebrities on Big Brother tweeted that “Omarosa will take us all down:”

‘Brandi [Glanville] – I will go with the group, but my point is I think that Keshia [Knight Pulliam] plays it straightforward. Omarosa will take us all down with her. Shannon- Who do you think is stronger in competitions? Brandi- Probably Keshia


Omarosa then delved into the various crimes the people who applied to the White House committed, ranging from “domestic violence” to “DUIs:”

‘Everything from DUIs, speeding, domestic violence. Oh my God, some of the most accomplished people have domestic violence stuff. You know, aggression. It’s the craziest thing the amount of those issues.’

Manigaul-Newman left the CBS set for health problems. Since she left prior to Porter’s exit, she might not have known about the alleged charges against Porter, when the show was taped. Omarosa has returned to Big Brother.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown.

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