JUST IN: Trump Cuts Billions From CDC During Deadliest Flu In Recorded History


The Trump administration has made its priorities clear, not just with reference to social political rhetoric. When it comes to the nuts-and-bolts of governing, Trump’s government is as far-right as it gets. At a time when we already outspend every other nation in the world on the military several times over, and with wealth disparity worse than ever, Republicans want to slash social spending, while giving hundreds of billions more to the military, and trillions to the rich.

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For example, in the budget proposal the White House released for 2019, the Department of Health and Human Services is being cut by a massive 21 percent, more than one-fifth of the operating budget. Nearly every duty that the agency carries out would see its funding slashed. The only exceptions are the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.

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In some areas, the cuts are especially draconian. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will see a billion dollar budget shortfall if the plan sees reality. The Administration for Children and Families, which provides assistance to low income families, would see a 20 percent cut, losing almost four billion dollars.

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Senseless military spending in the face of crippling domestic issues is not what’s going to “make America great again,” and we can’t do everything at once. You can’t slash taxes, increase military spending, and rebuild our bridges, roads, and airports at the same time (Trump expects local governments to pick up the tab for infrastructure, anyway). This isn’t “fiscally conservative” by any reasonable definition.

And the cuts don’t stop there. Newsweek reports,

The proposal slashes the budget of nearly every federal oversight agency. The Department of Agriculture is cut by 16 percent, the Department of Education by 10.5 percent, the Department of Health and Human Services by 21 percent, the Department of Housing and Urban Development by 18.3 percent, the Department of the Interior by 16 percent, the Department of Labor by 21 percent and the Department of Transportation by 19 percent, in addition to the EPA cut.

Such cuts mean less money to guarantee food is uncontaminated, workers are safe and the environments we live in are inhabitable.

Currently, the Republican goal seems to be to bankrupt the nation with military spending and tax cuts (which primarily and overwhelmingly are designed to help the richest of the rich at cost to everyone else). After that, they’ll use the deficit as an excuse to force a Democratic administration into unpopular cuts and austerity policies. Or, worst case, the Republican wet dream comes true, and they are able to leverage the massive debt they’ll leave hanging over our nation as an excuse to gut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

It’s up to voters to set our nation back on the right path in November. The Republican Party has made it clear that they do not have the best interests of the American public at heart, and likely never will.

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