Trump Has Major Wig Malfunction While Boarding Air Force One & It’s Weird As Hell


Since initially deciding to run for president, Donald Trump has defended himself against comments made by his opponents, many of which arbitrary and unnecessary to respond to in the first place. Whether this was clapping back against the claims that he has small hands, futile attempts at proving his mental stability, and an array of other things, being on the main stage has made the general public aware of his shortcomings.

One of the things that Trump has remained diehard to defend is that his hair is, actually, his actual hair, and not any form of wig or artificial additions. However, when one simply looks at the president, it is hard not to doubt whether or not he is fabricating what he claims to be fact for the purpose of upholding his own self-esteem, or if the hair on his head actually is fake.

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A new video that emerged on Twitter, going viral after being posted by Senior HuffPost Reporter Ashley Feinberg, depicts the possibility of new evidence regarding the Trump hair fiasco. In the video, as President Trump boards Air Force One, a gust of wind generated by the plane begins to blow that shows Trump’s hair to be far thinner than ever seen before, leading many to doubt the statements that his hair is real. The president’s hair is blown in an upwards manner, blatantly revealing his scalp.

Photos that have since emerged that provide a more clear and apparent look at the president’s head once it was hit by the wind, making it more than clear that there is something fishy going on with his hair. The incident arose as Trump was boarding Air Force One on February 2nd, as he was making his departure from Maryland’s Joint Base Andrews, on his way to yet another weekend excursion at his extravagant Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

The videos and photos of the president boarding have since went viral, again opening up the debate about whether Trump’s hair is real, just a series of hair plugs, or a poorly strewn together wig. Nevertheless, it provides insight into yet another one of Trump’s infamous lies.

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