Trump Tweets Tuesday Night Message At Ronald Reagan & Elon Musk Like A Weird Old Man


On Tuesday, SpaceX hit a landmark milestone for space exploration by launching into orbit their Falcon Heavy, marking the most powerful rocket in history to have been sent into space from a private corporation, as opposed to government agency. The company, founded by billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, sent the rocket into space with relative ease, giving the company a green light to further develop the advanced-stage rockets.

Shortly after the successful launch, President Trump sent out a tweet congratulating Musk and SpaceX in their launch, following only a few hours after another post in remembrance of Ronald Reagan’s birthday Tuesday. The two tweets show yet another contradiction of Trump, who has been a staunch supporter of the late-president, and has likened himself to Reagan on various accounts.

Clearly, what Trump fails to take into consideration as he sends those two tweets in such proximity with one another, is the contradiction of wishing Reagan a happy birthday, while he remains steadfast to defund NASA, an agency that was a vital part of the Reagan presidency. Whereas President Trump has shown favoritism for private corporations in nearly all walks of life, including government, NASA expanded significantly under Reagan’s “Star Wars” program, as the United States focused heavily on broadening space exploration efforts.

Per usual, Trump’s misunderstanding of context and contradictions has led to another flurry of Twitter responses against his posts, as social media users criticize the president for his ill-advised tweets, pointing out his administration’s many detrimental actions since taking office.

Featured Image by Getty Images

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