Trump Accuser Makes Political Career Announcement That Has Donald Throwing A Tantrum


The watershed #MeToo movement has not only upended a culture of silence around sexual harassment and sexual assault, it is now calling #timesup on waiting for real legislative change.

35-year-old Rachel Crooks, who came forward with her story in 2016 of sexual harassment by Donald Trump when she worked in one of his buildings as a receptionist in 2005, has announced her bid for a seat on Ohio’s House of Representatives in District 88.

Cosmopolitan magazine reported on an interview with Crooks:

‘In speaking out in 2016, she hoped that she might help sway an election by adding another voice to the chorus of women pulling back the curtain on the scandal-marred candidate. Now — after taking the bus to Washington, D.C. for the Women’s March in January 2017 and voicing her displeasure that Trump still hasn’t been held accountable for his alleged behavior — she’s taking direct action. “I think there will be a lot of people who see value in [my campaign],” she says. “But I hope more so because I’m a viable candidate rather than a participant in the #MeToo movement.”

‘She’s running in Ohio’s 88th district, a rural area outside of Toledo, to help create more jobs, ensure access to affordable health care, and fix the state’s education system. Charter schools there, she notes, are given about $1 billion each year, with what critics say is little accountability. That money, she says, would be better served in public schools.’

Crooks joins an unprecedented number of women running for political offices in 2018. In the wake of the #MeToo movement and the election of a man who bragged on tape about sexually harassing and assaulting women, Crooks is joining a nationwide movement to force positive change.

‘Women are uniting. The momentum is now. I want to be part of it.’

Featured image via Getty/Pool