White House Releases Rod Rosenstein Announcement That Will Leave You Baffled


After the release of the highly exaggerated Nunes memo earlier today, it became evident that the sole reason the Trump administration pushed so hard to have it declassified was just another attempt to mitigate the ongoing and increasing controversy of the Russia investigation. The memo focused primarily on alleged abuses of power by the FBI and Justice Department in the Russia probe, claiming that the agencies overstepped their authority in varying surveillance methods.

One person that was mentioned in the document, and has been thrown into the crosshairs of the president, is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein, appointed to the position under President Trump and also the person who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to the Russian inquiry, has become a target of the administration in their attempt to reshape the DOJ as a whole. Upon the release of the memos earlier today, many rightfully began speculating that the president would use the information as justification for firing Rosenstein, and derailing Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

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An article by CNBC outlined that,

‘Trump sparked concerns that Rosenstein’s job would be at risk following Friday’s release of a hotly debated Republican memo detailing alleged abuses in the FBI’s probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Trump had offered an ominous response when a reporter asked whether he might fire Rosenstein… “You figure that out,” the president said.’

Despite indirectly implying that he may be looking to firing Rosenstein, the White House made a statement claiming that the administration has no plans to fire the deputy attorney general. White House press secretary Raj Shah stated earlier on CNN that the president remains confident in Rosenstein’s ability to fulfill his duties, and no such changes in the department are expected.

Yet, when considering Trump’s track record on firing individuals that stand up to his divisive and negligent agenda, it is difficult to have confidence in the administration to keep Rosenstein in his position. Examples of the recent past provide insight into the influence and pressure placed on opponents of the president to either leave their posts, or get directly fired if they refuse to do so. Whether Rosenstein’s role remains stable is something that only time will be able to tell.

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