Trump Panic Tweets Saturday Night Freakout Like A Scared, Soon To Be Felon


With the amount of time that President Donald Trump spends on Twitter, you would expect him to have heard that the Nunes memo ended up working against his claims of innocence.

The Trump/Russia investigation (which also includes possible obstruction of justice by the president himself) was decried as partisan and badly sourced in the memo penned by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). Though Nunes does not actually allege any crimes, he muddied the waters of the investigation, portraying the FBI and Department of Justice as partisan hacks with an obsession — taking down Donald Trump.

Nunes’ memo was quickly exposed. His claim that the FISA warrant granted on Trump campaign member Carter Page were based solely on the Steele dossier was proven false.

In fact, the memo admits that the Russia investigation was triggered by another Trump campaign advisor’s actions:

Time dropped another bombshell on Saturday evening: Carter Page claimed, in 2013, to be an informal advisor to the Kremlin. This shoots a hole in the pro-Trump argument that the FBI investigation into Page began with Trump’s nomination.

Either the president has not read this information, has not listened to briefings including this information, or is willfully ignoring absolute facts.

Instead of admitting defeat and moving on to another tactic to prove his innocence, Trump dug his heels in, tweeting an op-ed from The Wall Street Journal:

First, it’s important to note that this is an opinion piece, written by the editorial board of the Journal, and published a full 24 hours before Trump reposted the content.

In the intervening time, much of the information referred to in the op-ed has been proven false.

His desperate attempt to cling to this story is becoming embarrassing. The nation reacted via Twitter:

Featured image: Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty

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