Jeff Sessions Just Went AWOL & Trump Is So Salty The Entire W.H. Is On Eggshells


After a long awaited and quite controversial battle regarding the once-classified memo that was recently declassified, the Trump administration finally released the document earlier today. However, whereas GOP lawmakers and officials created an atmosphere of exaggeration and chaos around the content of the memo itself, upon release, it was found that the document itself is not as damning as Republicans made it out to be. Rather, the memo provides little information that can be deemed useful, not to mention the fact that it is being called biased and out of context.

As Democrats and Republicans now criticize one another over the content of the memo, as well as whether it inherently holds any importance, conflict has been stirring within the Trump administration itself. Upon understanding what the memo depicted, it became clear that the release of the document may have been a continuation of Trump’s ongoing attempt to take control of the Justice Department, as the details outlined had a special focus on DOJ Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein, who was appointed by Trump, took over the Russia inquiry last year when Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to recuse himself from the case, later appointing special counsel Robert Mueller to the potential collusion investigation.

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Interestingly enough, however, with Rosenstein now coming under fire by the administration for his role in the Russia probe, one unlikely figure has spoken out in favor of the deputy attorney general, praising him for embodying the right values and morals needed for such a position. Sessions, who has been in Trump’s crosshairs since recusing himself, took an opportunity earlier today to laud Rosenstein, going off-script in doing so. According to a PBS report:

‘Attorney General Jeff Sessions is defending his deputy in the face of criticism from the president. Sessions broke from prepared remarks in a speech Friday on human trafficking. He praised Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as well as the department’s No. 3 official, Rachel Brand.

‘Sessions says both are experienced lawyers and “represent the kind of quality and leadership that we want in the department”‘

The decision to go off-script not only came as a shock to those in attendance, but also took a stance against the Trump administration’s indirect implication that Rosenstein may be relieved of his duties. Although Trump has yet to be clear about whether he will fire the deputy attorney general after releasing the documents, he alluded to it earlier by telling news media “you figure that one out,” when asked about the future fate of Rosenstein in the Justice Department.

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Sessions’s decision to stand against President Trump provides insight into a rare moment when the attorney general has gone against the current administration, shedding light on the possibility that he may also be fired, if Trump decides to fire Rosenstein.

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Despite the chaos and fervor that was riled up by GOP lawmakers in recent days and weeks over the Nunes memo, the release of the document now depicts a far-reaching attempt at a failing administration to control the fate of potential criminal charges under the Russia investigation.

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