Interior Dept. Issues Apology To Barack Obama & The Reason Is Absolutely Ridiculous


Since taking office last year, President Trump has had an obsessive tendency to deflect any type of responsibility or obligation, constantly stating that the lack of progress and reform is anybody’s fault but his own. More often than not, the blame and criticism that he attempts to push come in the form of Twitter posts, sometimes numerous ones coming back to back, which have taken a pattern of focusing on the shortcomings of Democrats in office. Trump’s blame game has revolved around a myriad of issues facing the nation today, including the recent government shutdown, inability to reform immigration, foreign policy-related challenges, all of which, according to the president, are the fault of Democrats.

Another one of Trump’s favorite targets is former President Barack Obama, who has been a focal point for the current administration. Even in times that they are blatantly incorrect and fabricating information, they refuse to accept anybody other than Obama was complicit in whatever obstacle is being faced at the given time.

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Most recently, the Interior Department blamed the former Obama administration for having blocked the development and expansion of two specific coal mines in Colorado, alleging that the previous president intentionally blocked the creation of over 200 jobs as a result. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke stated that the jobs were vital to the community that the coal mines were located in, and that when the previous administration thought little of only 200 jobs, he clearly understood the impact that it would have.

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In an attempt to push forward efforts on climate change and environment, the Obama administration did, indeed, apply a moratorium on the lease of new coal mines in 2016, in order to analyze whether to increase charges as a result of the carbon footprint left behind. Upon undertaking the new role, Zinke took immediate action to remove the moratorium on coal mines operating on federal grounds, another Obama-era rollback that has become commonplace with the new administration.

However, what Zinke failed to take into consideration was the fact that the time of Obama’s moratorium did not coincide with the development phase of the two in-question coal mines, which therefore were excluded from the legislation. The Interior Department has since apologized for their mistake, claiming that the information published had not been approved for publication. According to The Daily Sentinel, the department wrote:

‘Additionally, in the process of drafting the piece, our staff made an error in fact-checking a claim about approved expansions of the West Elk and King II Mines…arguing that the expansions were only possible as a result of lifting the federal coal leasing moratorium (which the previous administration imposed), was not correct.’

Of course, the apology could not go without being underscored, as the department’s statement reiterated the claim that the broader point of Zinke’s comments remains true, in that the country and its citizens are growing stronger under the leadership of President Trump. Perhaps it would be prudent for the administration as a whole to consider checking their reckless lobbing of attacks and criticisms before making them public, that is, if they hope to retain any shred of credibility.

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