Ex-Rep Responds To Memo Like A Boss; Calls For Firing Of Every Republican In Congress


The Nunes memo was finally released, and it was exactly the partisan propaganda nothingburger that many predicted it would be.

Congressional Republicans are being raked over the coals for such a blatant attempt to aid and abet Trump’s ongoing attempt to obstruct the investigation into his campaign. John Dingell, a former Democratic congressman from Michigan and the husband of Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI), had this to say:

‘The memo was released, contains nothing of substance, and Congressional Republicans are quite clearly complicit in this White House’s efforts to undermine and obstruct justice. Lock every single one of these bastards up.’

Here’s the post in question:

Many of his followers on social media chimed in with messages of support, with a few somewhat delusional exceptions:

Unfortunately for Republicans, the memo leaves out important information needed to verify the assertions made within—and the assertions within don’t support the core argument. As Vox reports,

The Nunes memo, in other words, could be full of lies. We just can’t tell based on reading it.

But let’s assume that its core factual assertions — that the FBI heavily relied on the Steele dossier, and that it didn’t mention his funding sources in the FISA warrant — are true. So what?

The FBI relies on sources with axes to grind all the time. People typically don’t go to the authorities with damaging information about people they like. The key question in an application like this isn’t whether the source liked the target; it’s whether the specific claims they’re making are credible.

The memo doesn’t make that case.

The memo entirely ignores the fact that it was a GOP source which originally funded the Steele dossier. It also downplays the role that intelligence given to the United States by allies played, as well as the drunken ramblings of a Trump aide to an Australian diplomat who promptly informed the United States.

The memo’s core allegation is that the FBI improperly surveilled the Trump campaign. It leaves out all of the information which explains the obvious—the criminal behavior of those on the Trump campaign warranted the surveillance. The source of information does not matter. The veracity of the information does. This entire debacle just underlines the complicity of House Republicans in the ongoing attempts by Donald Trump to obstruct justice.

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