Ben Carson Whines That Reporters Are Actually Reporting On His Insanity (VIDEO)


The job of the media is to inform the people. This is especially true when it comes to political candidates during election cycles, and even more so regarding presidential candidates. This can, of course, be a problem if candidates make questionable statements, as is definitely the case with GOP Clown Car candidate Ben Carson. The media is reporting on the bigoted, untrue, and down right nutty statements that Carson regularly spews, and he doesn’t like it one bit, even though they are just doing their jobs.

Dr. Carson was interviewed on WMUR this past weekend, and he had nothing good to say about members of the press. He accused them of digging for “dirt” to smear him with. He also accused the media of lying:

“What I have a problem with is intentional distortion and lies.”

This comes after his reminder that Politico had to amend statements regarding the dubious tale that Carson spun of getting some kind of “full scholarship” to West Point. He also seemed to take CNN to task for checking out his allegedly violent youth, in which Carson claims that he once tried to stab a friend, and that he took a hammer to his mother. None of these stories could be verified, and most people who knew Carson in his youth say that people would definitely be talking about those things if they had indeed happened.

Carson, however, is still irritated with the media over all of their snooping and reporting, and said:

“But you know, the damage is done. All you have to do is put that stuff out there and it affects some people. Obviously, they are looking for some dirt. And I understand they are very frustrated because they can’t find any.”

Oh, but Dr. Carson, they have. Complete with video. There’s so much nutfuckery from you over the years that there’s an entire lengthy — and rather entertaining, I might add — compilation of the crazy and bigoted things you’ve said over the years. Oh, yeah– it also includes many outright lies you’ve told.

As if all of this complaining weren’t enough. Carson went on to double down on his comparison between Syrian refugees and “rabid dogs,” accusing the media of blowing those comments out of proportion:

“You wouldn’t want to put your child our in the yard if there was a rabid dog — even though you love dogs. You would want that dog removed by the humane society. And then, dog, children, everything peaceful.

And of course, another news media with another objective says, ‘All Syrians are like rabid dogs!’ I mean, this is what they do.”

Sir, you COMPARED HUMAN BEINGS TO RABID DOGS. If you can’t understand why this is a problem, no matter what you actually meant by it, you have bigger problems than what the press is saying about you. Indeed, you belong in the nut house, not the White House.

The thing is, Dr. Ben Carson is definitely of questionable mental stability. There’s no doubt about that. Even more troubling, however, is the fact that his lunacy appeals to enough people that he is in a solid second place for the presidential primary in one of this nation’s major political parties. That should sincerely scare the hell out of every reasonable citizen in this country. We truly are in more trouble than ever before.

Watch video of Carson’s comments below, via Raw Story:

Featured image via screen capture from Raw Story

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